Ole Sayeti


Distance from Nairobi               About 55km
Starting Point                              Olonana Country Club
Ending point                                Olonana Country Club
Walking Duration                       7 hours

For those who like getting off the beaten track, then Ole Sayeti is one such place. A trip to this little known hill on the floor of the Great Rift Valley about 50km from Nairobi, makes for a great day hike within easy reach of the City. This hike takes you through semi-arid Maasai country, unscarred by excess modern developments and devoid of throngs of tourists. It sits on Intashat plain off the Ngong Circular Road, barely 10km from the imposing Ngong Hills range  to the east.

 Route Description

If you start off from Kona Maziwa on Magadi Road 1km from Olonana Country Club, the round-trip hike to Ole Sayeti takes about 7 hours. Look for a westbound trail heading straight towards Ole Sayeti Hill from this shard bend on Magadi Road. This trail descends to the Ngong circular road linking Kisamis to Ngong Town. Turn right onto this road and walk up to a bridge under construction, where another trail to the left heads straight for the Hill. Along the way, you will pass a School, a Church, and various Maasai Manyattas, before getting to the foot of the Hill. You’ll also encountered an occasional splash of colourful wildflowers breaking the monotony of the ubiquitous leleshwa and other dryland bushes.

Once at the base of the hill, the climb to the top takes about an hour.From the summit, you get to sample a panoramic view of the surrounding country, including the much higher Ngong Hills eastward across the Intashat plain, Oloroka to the west, and a large water mass to the north.