Kenya Volunteers Activities

1. Volunteer In Orphanage in Kenya

It is so gratifying to choose to spend a more meaningful vacation contributing your valuable time working with orphaned children in Kenya. In collaboration with our local partners in Kenya, we invite enthusiastic volunteers to provide care and support to underprivileged children in Kenya. Help is needed to improve the living conditions and provide stimulating educational activities for the children.

Our volunteer in orphanage in Kenya project is the most popular project  and placements are always rewarding. During this project, volunteers work on the front lines to feed and provide assistance to these forgotten little ones. Children in these centers need your special encouragement to restore their hope for a meaningful future. Your work in this project is very challenging but the children share so much appreciation with the volunteers.

Most of the time volunteers will stay with the orphans for an at-orphanage stay, much like a family member. Although this is not an official teaching placement, you may teach conversational English during your stay.

Volunteers support recreational and artistic activities with the objective of entertaining learning and help is needed with organizing and developing sports activities for the children. Volunteers help in the kitchen serving lunch in the dining room and assist with location-specific duties like routine maintenance, construction, etc.

Our volunteers also engage the children with educational activities and games, and may be asked to help with various health or sanitation needs. Help is also needed in the kitchen preparing meals and/or washing dishes and clothes. Volunteers' storytelling skills will be put to good use inspiring and motivating the children.

2. Community Development in Kenya

Volunteers in Kenya exchange cultural ideas and experiences to contribute to projects for community development. Examples of possible projects are:

A volunteer with skills in development work guides an organization with writing reports and fundraising proposals.

A volunteer might organize income-generating programs for the poor or develop a savings program for the community.

 A planning and zoning student could assist a CBO as they establish land and fishery communities in a province.

 Teach English to Masai, Help the Maasai people sell their goods and services to tourists,  HIV/AIDS education,  Assist with community maintenance and sanitation, Plan and carry out extra-curricular activities for community members such as singing, dancing, sports, art, games, etc. Organize and assist women's and children's programs, Build schools, orphanages, community centers, Fundraise,  Help promote tourism,  Enhance public health education, such as malaria prevention,  Share ideas and plan future community projects.

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3. Cultural Conservation in Kenya

We tailor-make community oriented activities and varied based on volunteer interests and skills

Sports wave volunteers in Kenya exchange cultural ideas and work experience to contribute new ideas for cultural conservation. As a cultural conservation volunteer in the Maasai and other  regions of Kenya, volunteer activities will vary based on experience and skills. Examples of possible projects are:

  1.   Integrating in and understanding local community  history and traditions
  2.   Working with the local community  to preserve and document their traditions
  3.    Planning extracurricular activities to engage in the community
  4.    Teaching locals about your own culture
  5.    Teaching English
  6.     Helping locals with tourism to promote exposure to the Maasai culture
  7.    Assisting locals market their art and products
  8.    Teaching basic business techniques to improve community income

Cultural Conservation in Kenya  volunteer in Kenya projects are available in Nairobi, Massai, Rusinga, Nandi, baringo,  Samburu and Turkana regions. All locations offer multicultural scenes that are friendly to travelers and host traditional experiences.

Other areas that we help and facilitate you to volunteer  includes the following

  • H.I.V / AIDS volunteer projects
  • Medical camp/ Students volunteer projects
  • Teach English Volunteer projects
  • Sports Coaching/ Clinics volunteer