Kenya Snake Tracking Tours

Kenya has 127 species of Snakes - yet most visitors to the country leave without seeing one of these shy and elusive reptiles. The question is - What if you would actually like to see one? Sports Wave Africa Tours and Safaris offers a genuine adventure that combines wild walks, river rafting, visits to witch doctors’ caves and tracking down Kenya’s top 5 snake species. 

The trip is called the Big 5 Snake Safari - in reference to the popular term for the 5 most popular African Big Game species - Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant. 

In this case - this Safari goes in search of the most impressive species of African snake - the Python, Boomslang, Puff Adder, Cobra and the Mamba. Some people may react with absolute horror at the very thought of actually devoting a safari to tracking down wild snakes, some of them deadly .  But,  this trip is run by some of Kenya’s top reptile experts and professional snake catchers. The aim of the entire venture is to promote education and awareness of snakes, and to demonstrate through first-hand experience that these creatures play an important and fascinating role in African eco-systems, and rarely live up to their maligned and mythologized reputations as aggressive killers.

Anyone joining the safari will discover that snakes are extremely shy of humans, and will go to great lengths to avoid people. This makes finding the “Big 5” species in a single safari a genuine challenge.

In fact, it’s this challenge that makes this safari what it is: an adventure - it involves a lot of travel through a range of habitats and landscapes, tracking down snakes through forests, dry river beds, rocky cliffs and mangroves. The safari takes in plenty of other wildlife along the way as well, as well as village visits, wild camping, rafting and time off on one of the world’s best beaches.

If you are looking for a wildlife safari that doesn’t involve taking photos from the safety of a vehicle, and would like to get out and explore and interact with wild animals up close and personal, and have a genuine adventure, then this is the trip for you.


Snake tracking  typical safari begins in Nairobi and winds its way to the coast over 12 days. The search for the Big Five Snakes takes clients through the either  Laikipia plains or Selenkay/Le’ngesem Maasai conservancy- a beautiful region known for its large elephant herds and views of Mt Kilimanjaro, into the Rift Valley through Lake Naivasha and Kigio - home to brilliant birdlife, on to the world famous Maasai Mara game reserve - where you may well see the original Big Five Mammals, then to the arid North East, and on to the Coast. Along the way, visits are made to spots specifically known as snake country.

For a full itinerary please contact us. We will tailor-make one special package to suit your expectation at good price without compromising the quality of service