Kenya Educational Tours


Sports Wave Africa Tours  Kenya's educational  Safaris aim to give the teacher/s accompanying the students the necessary support to make the tour a success. Gain insight into the challenges locals face throughout Kenya as you work side by side building sustainable solutions—empowering communities for generations to come.

You’ll combine culture and meaningful service throughout your journey—celebrating tribal customs of the Maasai people as you learn about their history and heritage.  Together, you’ll build new schools and restore classrooms that the government has pledged to maintain. You’ll also improve the infrastructure by digging dams as part of a clean water initiative and plant trees throughout the community. Throughout it all, you’ll be surrounded by the wild expanse of the Savannah and in the warm company of Maasai community members who are eager to share their story with you.

This is how we stand out:

Sports Wave Africa Tours  Kenya's educational  safaris are not just about price quotations. We will consult with you to ensure that we come up with a student travel experience to Africa that is educational, mentally stimulating to your students, have soft activities and exposes your students to a new way of thinking. Of course wildlife viewing is important and we ensure that there are a lot of opportunities for it but we delve further than just the animal sightings and learn about animal behavior, territorial habits etc.

Our eduactional-travel services are about stress free school trips. We give you value-adding ground information that would any day beat a guide book as we know what is the most up to date info of a location. When you land in Kenya we execute flawless ground logistics in transport arrangement, accommodation, entrance to all activity areas and those crucial behind-the-scene arrangements that make your students have a great time.

The measure of a good educational tour is not in the number of parks visited but the time devoted to quality learning experience in each place. You can count on our experience on park selection and combination to come up with a relaxed but detailed itinerary that has minimal transfers ensuring that your students have enough time for the educational opportunities that are available in the itinerary. We encourage you to stay in one location for a min of 2-3 nights.

We are proud of our educational safari staff who are accomplished naturalists with many years of experience in safari. They will be worth companions to you and your students and they will not only help in animal, birds and plants identification but also in interpretation of animal behavior. Count on them to provide information about the Kenyan culture, politics, religions, conservation and all aspects that make this country tick.