Kenya is a fabulous water sports destination, for either competition or leisure. Visitors may enjoy canoe voyages lasting from several hours to 10 days guided by seasoned guides. Spending 3 days casually afloat an isolated river is a perfect ingredient to any Kenyan safari.                                            

 Canoeing offers a fabulous opportunity for visitors to get near Kenyan animals, including buffalo, hippos,crocodile, elephant, and many bird and antelope species, without the restrictions and noise of cars. Experience is not a prerequisite for canoeing safaris in Kenya. Though not feasible in every location owing to crocodile and hippo populations, several Rift Valley lakes can support this exciting sport.                                                                      

Visitors spend the night camping at movable riverbank tented camps or islands. A number of lodges offer canoeing as a leisure activity for guests. Since it is not normally a tiring activity, both the old and young find canoeing an unforgettable experience.  

                                                Canoeing enthusiasts visiting Kenya have limitless opportunities on inland rivers and along the coastline. A great deal of the seashore is secured by shielding reef, thus providing serene conditions perfect for discovering shallow inner atolls and reefs having spectacular marine life including many dolphins and tropical fish and uncommon dugongs.

Kenyan river deltas, for instance, the Tana, offer ideal canoeing locations, where visitors can admire birdlife such as Fish Eagles, rare wading types, as well as mangrove nesting spots.