Sports Wave Africa Tours  having worked closely with the Kenya Weight Lifting Federation and Weight lifting teams,  not only to organize their regular training camps, seminars and travelling logistics  in Kenya, has developed the knowledge and expertise to handle weight lifting groups of all levels ranging from national weight lifting bodies to weight lifting clubs which either wish to train in one of the various weight lifting training facilities that can be set-up in Kenya or compete in one of the weight lifting events organized by the Kenya  Weight lifting Federation.

On the training facilities & venues front, Sports Wave Africa Tours pioneering
involvement during the past years with the development of sports tourism in Kenya for a variety of sports wishing to hold their sports training camps in Kenya has given us an excellent reputation with sports bodies, local authorities as well as weight lifting clubs and teams and finally private companies who own and run training facilities and gyms adequate for weight lifting training camps all spread within the country.

Whether you are interested in participating as a volunteer trainer in upcoming clubs and tournaments or as a player wanting to gauge your strength among the top crème players in the country, we are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that your dream trip to Kenya in Africa is realized at the best prices without compromising the quality of services. Whether it be : Strength

Training and   Body building.

we work with the best  teams  in  Kenya  with equally good and qualified coaches   who are willing to work with us.
Sports Wave Africa Tours  has the experience, knowhow and highly trained staff to assist you with your sports travel requirements so that you can put together a well-organized weight lifting training camp. Sports Wave Afica Tours long experience of the tourism industry in Kenya is a guarantee of the best value for money arrangements when it comes to accommodation, training, transfers, car hires, safaris or any other travel related services.
Calender of events




Feb 27,2016                         

Inter club championship and 1st Olympic qualification             trials

Steel city

April 16, 2016           

Youth, junior ,senior national  championship and second Olympic qualification         


June 18,2016

Inter gym joint training/referee workshop           

Steel city

July 23, 2016           

National championship men and women            


Nov 26, 2016           

            Chairman’s cup, and inter club championships.          

Steel city

Dec 17, 2016           

            Inter gyms Power challenge